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Mandala Art Paintings ~ Originals for sale  

The following collection represents Maria’s original paintings for purchase.
For questions or to purchase Maria’s original paintings, email


Mandala Art Paintings (Acrylic on canvas)

Flower of Life - Light in the Sky Mandala

Flower of Life - Light in the Sky
20" x 20"


Flower of Life - Sun Mandala

Flower of Life - Maui Jungle Mandala

Flower of Life - Sun
20" x 20"


Flower of Life - Maui Jungle
24" x 24"

Moon Mandala

Clear Heart Mandala

Moon Mandala
60cm x 60cm


Clear Heart
20" x 20"

Mandala Tree

Diamond Mandala

Mandala Tree
20" x 30"


20" diameter

Healing Heart Mandala

The Awakening Fire Mandala

Healing Heart
24" x 24"


The Awakening Fire
50cm x 50cm

Healing Rose Mandala

Bali Lotus Mandala

Healing Rose
14"x 11"


Bali Lotus
24" x 24"

Mystic Wheels Mandala

Tree of Life Mandala

Mystic Wheels
20" x 20"


Tree of Life
20" x 20"



The Flow series (Mixed Media)


20" x 24"





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